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For general correspondence, or to receive email regarding alerts and events, email info@pilotblock.org
For more frequent updates ranging from alley repair to crime reports to Mark Wahlberg sightings, please follow us at Twitter.com/Pilotblock

For those with less inclination to email and Tweeting, keep your eye on the bulletin boards hanging on the wall at the Wine Emporium (474 Columbus Ave), UPS Store (398 Columbus Ave), and near 82 Pembroke St,  as well as occasional paper flyers distributed to your door.

PBNA includes the area roughly bordered by Tremont, West Brookline, Warren Ave, and West Newton. Also included are the even side of W. Canton between Warren and Columbus, the even side of Tremont St from W. Brookline to Aguadilla St and the odd side from W. Canton to W. Newton.

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Contact us at: info@pilotblock.org