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General Zoning:   See the PBNA Information Sheet, or contact info@pilotblock.org

Alleys:   Artifacts regarding alley paving, etc.

PBNA Officers Position Descriptions

Also see our by-laws

The President serves as the "first among equals" among the Board members, chairs Board and General Meetings, and may be called upon to represent the PBNA to press, City agencies, and other associations.
Vice President assists the President. Participate in Board and General meetings, and often take the lead on a particular area on interest - for example alleys, zoning, outreach.

Treasurer  is also a Vice President, and keeps the books - we usually maintain a balance of $1,000-$2,000 and don't have a lot of transactions.

Secretary maintains our website and maintains meeting notes and correspondence. 

The Representatives or (Council) are a newer position we are forming to increase involvement and 2 way contact. They will act as an interface with the PBNA Board and serve as a driver for issues and events that impact a specific block.



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